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About Luna 

With a master's from Columbia University in clinical social work and the crushing debt to prove it, Luna fell back on her sense of humor to survive on the mean streets of San Francisco.  Featured as one of KQED's Women to Watch, Luna is a fixture in the Bay Area comedy scene, Luna crafted Live Sex, a comedy talk-show exploring sex, relationships and everything your mother never let you watch on TV,  as a way to combine her debaucherously charming humor and her life-long love of sexology.  Luna is a regularly featured speaker at conferences, workplaces,  and schools on topics surrounding inclusion and diversity. She also is a featured writer with contributions to, KQED, Broke Ass Stuart, and more. She performs regularly in comedy clubs and bars throughout California. She's the creator and visionary behind EquiTable, the Comedy Hack Day Grand Prize Winner at SF Sketchfest. She's also an artist in residence at the historic African American Arts and Culture Complex.  

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