Join comedian, writer and diversity trainer Luna Malbroux on her journey as she unpacks the nuances of privilege and identity in conversations with real people

Like a lot of Americans, the recent movements focused on addressing police brutality and racial inequality have led to some deep self-reflection, and I’ve been thinking about how my own varying identities and privileges have shaped my life.  Mapping Privilege aims to unpack this messy dynamic, and expand on individual stories, perspectives and voices. The story of a person’s lived experience should be not up for debate—but everyone can learn something by listening.

Goal:  Change the focus from how we're talking about social issues to how we're listening.

Your support is so critical! Donate to the crowd-funder to help connect with more individuals. Share your perspectives and suggestions with us. The Mapping Privilege journey is a mutlimedia project that will include:

  • A Book
  • A full-length play
  • A monthly blog, “Mapping Privilege ” on KQED

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